Finding Cheap Flights
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We all love the idea of cheap travel. It doesn’t seem too hard to find decent hotel and resort deals but sometimes when you throw the airline ticket prices into the mix it’s no longer a cheap vacation. So, what’s the secret? Where are the cheapest flights?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy answer to these questions. There is no one airline website to use to insure cheap flights every time. That being said, it is still possible to get discount tickets if you do a little work.

There are three different types of airline ticket websites. The first type are airline aggregators such as Kayak and Booking Buddy. These sites scan the different airline websites for pricing so that you can quickly see all of the price options available from the different airlines. You can buy tickets online through these websites at no cost. The only problem with these sites is that not all airline will offer their ticket prices through aggregator sites. The second type of airline ticket websites are the booking engines such as Orbitz and Expedia. These are also comparison sites that will show you several different airlines’ ticket prices. The difference is that these booking sites charge a small fee for the ticket booking. The third type of ticket website is the airline’s own website. Southwest, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, they all have their own websites that will offer their ticket prices. If you book directly through the airline website there is no additional fee as with the comparison booking sites.

To find the cheapest flights plan to be flexible with your travel dates. If there is a specific date you must travel on, the amount you pay for your ticket can increase significantly. Another tip to getting cheap tickets is to book your tickets as far ahead as possible, at least 2 weeks or more is highly recommended.

Now that you know to plan ahead and be flexible with your travel dates start searching the aggregator sites, then the airlines own sites, and to be sure you’ve got the best deal check out the other comparison booking sites. When you find the cheapest flight then book it!